Good day Reviteers! Welcome to the wide, world of Revit Radio, a fun, sometimes - well, all the time - irreverent, totally live Revit / BIM / VDC Q&A session.  Check the schedule page for upcoming broadcasts, the line-up of special guest geeks and to register for free upcoming shows. And, don't forget to send us the pressing - or depressing, Revit, BIM and VDC questions you would like answered on the next riveting round of Revit Radio. Remember Reviteers, you can be BIMed or you can be bummed so go make it a "model" day.  
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Brian Mackey - The Revit Geek
Brian Mackey, The Revit Geek and Revit Radio Co-Host
     Known to most as just "Mackey", this tea drinking, terabyte toting hombre is the fastest Revit Geek in the West. He'll answer your Revit questions faster than a 16 core processor - right or wrong - and, if he can find the "fricken'" file that it was in... (tune in to Revit Radio - you'll get it...). Brian is a noted speaker at both Autodesk University and the Revit Technology Conference and co-author of, "The Revit Geek Blog". He has anchored over 300 BIM implementation and training programs for clients large and small. He is the co-founder of BD Mackey Consulting an innovative BIM and VDC consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado and serving clients across North America and in several countries around the globe. 

Stan Hennigh - The Voice of Reason
Stan Hennigh, Co-Host of Revit Radio
       A thoughtful, dignified and blindingly charming man, Stan Hennigh is the voice of quiet reason on Revit Radio. Uh-Huh...  Right.  Okay, okay, Stan and Mackey hought up Revit Radio with the idea that it would be a good way to for them to meet girls.  A couple years after they started Revit Radio, Brian met a great one - so at least they were half right.  Stan is the Business Development Manager for CAD-1 an award winning BIM / VDC training and implementation center and Autodesk, Bluebeam and BIMShift Partner. He specializes in BIM, GIS and Civil implementation projects involving Revit and Autodesk Infraworks.

 Brian D. Juge, RA AIA - Our Resident Architect whom we lovingly call "Lambchop" ;-)
Stan Hennigh, Co-Host of Revit Radio
  Brian Juge is an Architect Licensed in Colorado and California.  In addition to his architectural practice he is also one of the Top 5 Autodesk Training Center Instructors in North America here at the CAD-1 Training Center - nice work if you can get it.  Brian specializes in Revit and is also a Bluebeam instructor.  In addition to instruction he consults on BIM implementation projects including BIM for Facilities Management, BIM to GIS implementations as well as other assorted Revit and BIM projects.  He is also known for flamboyant and ever evolving facial hair.  

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